Debt Consolidation Mortgage: What It Is and How It Works


I do not want to bore you!! If you know what a debt consolidation loan is and what it is for, skip the next paragraphs without hesitation … If not, follow me.

The usefulness of this type of mortgage is to combine different loans (mortgages, personal loans, assignments of the fifth, consumer loans) into a single loan.

The bank that will provide the new mortgage will pay off all your previous loans by settling the residual debt obtained from the respective extinguishing accounts.

In this way, you can pay a more sustainable installment, against the extension of the payment period (technically a mortgage amortization plan).

You understood well:

SINGLE lower installment, more time to pay, fewer deadlines to remember.

To better understand how it works, I will give you an example from a real case.

Mario’s debt consolidation loan


The case that I illustrate below concerns Mario (invented name), a civil servant with a wife and son of about 11 years old.

Due to too many installments to pay, Mario was struggling to make ends meet despite having a salary of almost 2000 us dollars.

In fact, each month he had around 1200 us dollars of monthly installments to be paid between mortgage, assignment of the fifth, financing the mobile phone (in the form of a consumer loan) and personal loan.

In addition, Mario had an urge to get some money to buy a car.

In short, there were all the prerequisites for taking out a debt and liquidity consolidation loan.

What we have done?

What we have done?

First of all, I asked Mario to get me the extinct accounts of all the loans open to measure the size of the debts.

Fortunately, the residual debt was such as to leave enough margin for a request for liquidity within the limits of the mortgage ownership.

But this mattered more to Mario than it can interest us.

The second check I did was that payments on installments were punctual (you know banks want to have a “good debtor”).

The other steps:

  1. We have calculated the maximum amount obtainable on the basis of some parameters set by the various credit policies.
  2. Through a pre-feasibility request, we found a credit institution willing to finance it
  3. We ventured into all stages of the banking investigation
  4. We took out the mortgage from the notary

 The 6 steps to obtain a debt and liquidity consolidation loan

The most important thing, however, is that thanks to the debt and liquidity consolidation loan Mario managed to:

  1. Get 20,000 us dollars of liquidity
  2. Bring all the installments together in one installment of 500 us dollars and something
  3. Vary the rate of the previous mortgage from variable to fixed (with significant savings)

After explaining what the debt consolidation mortgage is and how it works, I’ll try to answer a question from a trillion yen:

Is the debt consolidation loan convenient?

Is the debt consolidation loan convenient?

If you have accumulated several debts over time and are having difficulty reaching the end of the month, evaluating a debt consolidation mortgage is probably also convenient for you.

As we saw with Mario’s example, you too could get one of the following advantages:

  1. The grouping of all the installments into a single monthly installment that allows you to meet deadlines more easily
  2. Early repayment of all previous debt exposures
  3. A lower monthly payment
  4. The possibility of obtaining a lower rate by taking advantage of more favorable market moments and choosing a different type of rate compared to the one previously chosen.

The Benefits of Debt Consolidation Mortgage

The Benefits of Debt Consolidation Mortgage

The advantages are not lacking, but you need to check if the mortgage loan is the best solution for you.

Contact me and let’s evaluate together whether it is a viable path for you.

To be passable (or worth the journey) the road, in my opinion, must have at least two characteristics:

  1. lead to the destination you want (your goal)
  2. be suitable for your possibilities (if you are barefoot you will have to choose a different path from those who have boots or those who wear shoes that breathe)

” Before leaving for a long journey ” (if you guess the song mentioned write it in the comments) ask yourself:

“Where do I want to go?”

“Do I have the right tools to get there?”

As trivial as these questions may seem, I invite you to think carefully because when you engage with a bank there are not many ways to get rid of it and your relationship, idyllic or conflicting, will last for a very long time (unless you cheat with a surrogate).

Have you thought about it?

Are you determined to pronounce the fateful yes in front of the notary?

Well, let’s see what requirements you need to possess and what you need to do specifically to apply for a debt consolidation mortgage (regardless if you also want liquidity).

Requirements for taking out a debt consolidation loan

Requirements for taking out a debt consolidation loan

In order to take out a debt consolidation loan, you must have certain requirements:

  1. Be in good standing with the payment of all installments (no bank offers debt consolidation mortgages for bad payers)
  2. Have a mortgage , a personal loan, a loan of the fifth or a consumer loan among the open positions (if you have purchased a phone, an appliance or the like)
  3. Have at least one property on which you can register a mortgage (preferably if it is a first home or where you have the main residence)
  4. Have sufficient liquidity to support the expenses related to the underwriting of a mortgage (taxes, notary fees, possible remuneration of the credit broker )

If you meet all the requirements, proceed with the reading.

How To Get A Debt Consolidation Mortgage

How To Get A Debt Consolidation Mortgage

The request for a mortgage (for any purpose) involves a series of steps that the aspiring borrower should take to prepare for the income investigation of the mortgage application.

Here they are:

  1. Analyze your situation ( creditworthiness, income capacity, debt positions, personal data, property value, etc.).
  2. Find the product and bank that best suits your characteristics. First YOUR FEATURES then RATE. For example, you will choose bank A rather than bank B based on your type of income and the consistency of your monthly income. In this regard, remember that the same income is not seen by every bank in the same way.
  3. Prepare the necessary documentation to submit the loan application (in addition to all the personal and income documents provided for the other types of mortgage, you must present the extinct accounts of the loans you have in progress). The extinct statement is a document issued by a bank or a finance company that specifies your residual debt (all the installments of the loan to be paid and their due dates).

I advise you to quickly complete all the steps to keep up with the updates of credit policies and the oscillation of rates.



If you got this far and read the whole post, now you should know:

  1. What is a debt consolidation mortgage and what is it for
  2. Because a mortgage loan is cheaper than other loans
  3. What are the requirements to get it
  4. What are the necessary steps to take to get high chances of success and avoid flops?

Have you ever had experience with this type of mortgage? Have you ever found yourself with numerous installments to pay without knowing how to do it?

Write it in the comments and let’s talk about it together.

Apply for a consumer loan



Most alternatives to large loans can be found in the form of consumer loans and overdrafts. These have a predominantly fixed amount to be repaid at a pre-agreed time. Unlike flexible loans, the loan amount is paid in one account at a time.

Loan without security

Loan without security

An unsecured loan is an optimal situation: you do not have to explain what you need for a loan and do not need to be dependent on other people to apply for it. Loans on the Internet do not ask you what the money is going to be used for, it is everyone’s business.

Consumer credit is the easiest obtain a loan of USD 20,000. Other loan products do not offer more than USD 10000 loan amounts.

A consumer loan loan does not allow offers to a first lender such as a non-interest bearing first loan. Consumer credit is also a separate loan product compared to instant credit or flexible credit.

Without collateral, a large loan can be credited to the account in the same way as a small loan: quickly and effortlessly. Loan services have made it easy to apply for a large loan. No extra paperwork is required, all checks are done electronically using public and private databases.

By comparing financial services, you will find the best options for applying for a big loan. It is especially worthwhile to focus on the interest rate and other costs as they increase unnoticeably over long payment periods.

It is a good idea to compare your big loan properly before applying, it can easily save you hundreds of cost differences when choosing your bank correctly.

Compare big loans carefully

Compare big loans carefully

The bigger the loan, the more important it is to make a careful loan comparison. Debt collection should be taken seriously, especially for large loans. A quick loan is not paid off for more than a month, but a USD 20,000 revolving loan usually takes years. A long time to repay a bad loan, and therefore it is not worth blindly filling out the first application that will be received.

It is also worth checking that there is no too high age limit for loan service, 20 years is usually the minimum requirement for large instant loans.

There is a great tool for loan comparison on this page. Enter the loan amount and you will immediately see loan services that offer a $ 20,000 loan right into your account. Choose the most suitable loan service and go to fill out the application!

Before applying, stop to think that the repayment has been correctly calculated for your finances. Keep in mind that over the years, you may face unemployment and other misfortunes, but you still have to pay off your loans on time. You can compare different options for transferring your loan date or requesting repayment-free months.

Apply for a $ 20,000 loan to your account

Apply for a $ 20,000 loan to your account

On our site you will find numerous services provided by various loan products for a loan of USD 20,000. In some cases, it is immediately credited to your account, but the loan processing time varies between services. The time taken for processing can be extended by the controls that are performed to determine the applicant’s credit rating, but these are usually done in an instant by electronic services.

Loan Without Income Or Pay Certificate


It is possible to apply for loan without pay, although there are certain limitations. Loan services do not require a permanent job on small-sized instant loans, meaning small instant loans succeed as long as the applicant has some income to apply for the loan.

The income from applying for a viper can be, for example, pension or investment gains. Income does not have to be regular, but enough when there is enough in one year.

Requirements for income vary widely between different loan services, some do not provide any loan against, for example, retirement income, while others are much more willing to lend to anyone who has enough money according to tax information and credit history.

Applying for a loan without income

Applying for a loan without income

In principle, it is not possible to have loan without any income. The statutory requirements require that each applicant be able to repay their debt without any problems, and if it appears that the applicant has no assets to repay the loan, then no credit should be granted.

Unfortunately, social benefits such as unemployment benefits, income support, or study allowances are not eligible sources of income for the viip. The pension, on the other hand, is counted as an appropriate income for the banks that provide instant loans, but this depends entirely on the credit terms of the credit institution.

It is not possible to apply for very large loans when you withdraw, but a small quick tip can easily be obtained from several loan services. Always check whether the credit service grants loans to pensioners.

Loans without regular income

Loans without regular income

Applying for loan without a regular income is not as difficult as getting a vibe without any income. It’s not a good idea to start applying for a multi-thousand-dollar loan over a period of several years without regular income, but a small quick tip can get a few hundred dollars from many loan services.

The income from part-time work is good enough to pay for the small fees, provided your own finances are generally well managed and your credit history does not indicate any payment default.

Learn more about borrowing without a regular income

Learn more about borrowing without a regular income

Obviously, getting a loan without income cannot be said for sure, because every swap service will make its own credit assessment.

A loan without collateral does not require a particularly high income, but it is subject to the same income requirements as other leverage. An unsecured and unsecured lever is the best option for the borrower.

No matter if it is an instant loan, a flexible loan or a consumer loan without collateral or guarantors, income requirements are determined on the same basis by different loan products. The guarantor or the collateral will not help you get a loan if there is a credit note entry or if there is not enough dollars in the account.

Consumer credit or flexible loan are more difficult loans in terms of income restrictions. In particular, large consumer loans with a long payment period require regular income.

The loan amount, repayment period and credit score are taken into account. All of these factors affect the annual interest rate of the loan. The current annual interest rate is always found in the offer accompanying the loan decision. The decision as well as the loan offer can be obtained free of charge by submitting a loan application online to the loan provider.

Loan Decision Immediately – Fill out the loan application, accept the offer and withdraw the money!


Get a loan decision right away with service tips! Follow the advice and be sure to get a loan offer quickly and easily. We want to help every applicant successfully complete their loan application and get a positive loan decision and the best possible loan offer.

You will find all, Flexible Payment Leverage and Large Consumer Loans. All loans are granted without collateral.

Applying for a loan is the beginning of everything

Applying for a loan is the beginning of everything

Applying always starts with filling out a loan application. The loan application asks for information about the applicant’s income and wealth, but also other information. An application for a loan is a matter of contacting the lender, who will make a loan decision and make a possible loan offer based on the application.

In addition, information provided by third parties, such as the credit institution’s credit history, is used in processing the loan application. The loan offer will usually not succeed if the information attempts to mislead. So the loan application should always be filled out honestly and with correct information.

Submitting a loan application is always free of charge to the customer. You can request as many loan quotes from different credit services as you like and it does not bind you to Lite lender. It is only after you accept and sign the leverage offer that the credit agreement will be concluded. You can apply for a loan right here.

What is a Loan Decision?

Based on the information obtained in the loan application, a credit assessment is made which determines, for example, the interest rate on the loan. The loan decision is made on the basis of a credit assessment. If the assessments state that the applicant is unable to repay the loan as required, or if there are other obstacles such as a credit interruption, the loan decision will be rejected.

Once the loan decision is positive, it will be sent to the applicant along with the loan offer. The loan decision is usually valid for at least 7 days, so there is no urgent need to accept a loan offer.

Only with the loan offer will you find detailed information about the interest charged to Lite lender and other. In addition, you will find information on how to obtain a loan without interest and costs. Always read the details of the loan offer carefully together with the loan decision.

This will make it possible for Lite lender to grant the loan immediately

This will make it possible for Lite lender to grant the loan immediately

A positive loan decision is successful once you know what you are doing. A properly completed loan application is the most important part of successfully applying. In addition, applying for the right size will influence whether to grant or deny a loan.

Fill out the loan application correctly

The most common reason for rejecting a loan application is a misplaced or incomplete application for leverage. Loan services rarely spend time searching for missing information, but Lite lender’s application is automatically rejected if the information is incorrect or incomplete. So be prepared to provide all the necessary information right away.

In the loan application you ask for voice information regarding the applicant:

  • Asset information
  • Employment relationship and its form
  • Tax information and other wealth related information
  • Permanent address and contact information
  • personal Information

Provide the required annexes for your loan application

Completing your application correctly and carefully is the first step to getting a positive loan decision immediately. Another important part is sending the required attachments and certificates. The purpose of the annexes is to confirm the information provided by the applicant and possibly to provide further clarity on the assets.

This is the following certificates:

  • Copy of salary certificate
  • Copy of tax certificate
  • Details on banking issues

Required attachments can be sent by email, traditional letter or fax. The fastest way is to submit them electronically, so you can make a loan decision faster.

Approval of the loan offer

Approval of the loan offer

Once the loan offers are requested and received, the quick draw comparisons are made and the lender is selected, it is time to sign the loan agreement. The loan offer is also accompanied by an agreement that is signed electronically with bank IDs or a mobile certificate.

Before signing, check the annual interest rate and monthly repayment of the loan to make sure that all information appears to be correct. No binding loan agreement has yet been made at this point, so if errors are found then the damage has not yet occurred.

Depending on the loan amount and loan product, whether it is Flexibility or Consumer Credit, the money will usually be credited immediately

What is a loan to pay debts?


A loan that can be used to aggregate and pay off accumulated debts is a very tempting offer. However, only if you do not worsen your current financial situation through this loan to pay debts. Because as tempting as this offer or procedure may sound, it has to be on stable feet. Otherwise, the well-intentioned project quickly turns into a disaster that can hardly be controlled.

When is a loan to pay debt a sensible consideration?

When is a loan to pay debt a sensible consideration?

A loan to pay debts should be considered when borrowing can, at best, reduce the number of creditors to a large creditor. This gives you, as the debtor, the opportunity to organize your financial obligations and make them clearer. The financial freedom gained in this way can then be used for other projects or for saving a small cushion.

Such a step can also be worthwhile if a significant reduction in interest payments can be achieved by combining the creditors. Especially if the debts can be found in the form of an exhausted overdraft facility or on the credit card, high monthly interest payments have to be accepted. Settling these debts with the help of a traditional installment loan can save a lot of money. In addition, you reduce the stress that the bank will most likely cause you because of the debt by a multiple. It is therefore worthwhile to think about a loan to pay debts on a regular basis in order not to get anywhere near a debt.

Find the right offer

Find the right offer

You have surely already recognized that the credit market is full of lucrative offers. So if you have all the prerequisites to take out a loan to pay off your accumulated debts, it will not be difficult for you to find many suitable offers. However, many loan seekers lose themselves in the wide range on offer and are therefore tempted to use the first best offer. Not a good way, since the first best offer is usually not the most suitable.

In order to find this, however, a comparison is worthwhile. Therefore, look for a comparison calculator that you can find on the Internet and use a few details to determine which loan is best for you to pay debts. Enter the desired loan amount and the monthly installment amount and have suitable offers created within a few seconds. All these offers are of course non-binding and free of charge. With the use of a comparison calculator you therefore do not assume any obligations.

When making your selection, make sure that the effective annual interest rate is as low as possible and that the repayment modalities match your lifestyle. The credit must not be a burden, but must be able to take the current burden off your shoulders. Only then will the loan be worth it in full to pay debts.

The conditions

The conditions

As you can safely imagine, the banking houses have some requirements for the granting of a loan. Admission is only possible if you can meet them.

So it is important that you have a good credit rating. This consists of a secure income and a positive Credit Bureau. For this reason, make sure that you do not apply for the loan to pay debts too late so that the debts do not have a negative impact on the Credit Bureau. However, if this is already the case, you must ensure that a second co-applicant or a guarantor additionally secures the loan. Find a reliable person with a good credit rating who is as close as possible to you. Because good contact with each other is very important during repayment, so that you can act quickly in the event of difficulties and discrepancies.

If you don’t get a loan to pay off the debt at one of the traditional banks, a loan from a private individual may be a good alternative. Compare the interest rates and conditions very carefully and keep in mind that such a loan is often only given as a small loan. In spite of all this, he can help you to pay off the most important debts without the Credit Bureau having any relevance for the loan.

Real estate credit renegotiation



Do you hear everywhere that mortgage rates keep falling but are you already a homeowner? Be aware that it may be possible for you to save money by renegotiating your loan. Tips, tricks and figures: Mortgage broker has carried out a study and sheds light on the repurchase of mortgage loans. 

Renegotiating or buying back credit: definitions

Renegotiating or buying back credit: definitions

You often hear the terms renegotiating credit or buying back credit. You should know that these are two different approaches.

” Renegotiate your credit ” means that you have a mortgage and that you negotiate this credit with the bank in which it was contracted, making only an addendum to the initial contract. So when you renegotiate your loan, you don’t change banks. This process involves almost no costs for you, only bank charges will be requested. However, you will have more limited room for maneuver on the rate because you are already a customer of the bank. In fact, the more you negotiate with it, the more it will limit its expected gain on your mortgage.

Conversely, ” buy back your credit ” means changing establishments. You find a better rate in another bank than the one with which you had contracted your loan. The repurchase of credit involves various costs: early repayment indemnities, guarantee costs, bank or brokerage fees. But, the negotiation margins are higher because the banking establishment wishes to gain a new customer therefore it is ready to make more efforts on the rate.

The criteria to take into account

loan,credit,fill up

When you want to renegotiate your loan, you have to take into account three criteria that determine whether you can renegotiate your loan:

  • First, you need to look at your outstanding capital, that is, the amount borrowed that you still have to repay at the bank. To renegotiate your mortgage, the remaining capital must be greater than $ 70,000; below this amount, it will be difficult for you to renegotiate your credit.
  • Then, you have to look at the residual term of your mortgage. For it,   the repayment tenure must be divided by three. If you are in the first third or even at the very beginning of the second third of the remaining term, you can renegotiate.
  • Finally, the third criterion to look at is the borrowing rate. The difference between the initial and the current credit rate must be at least between 0.8% and 1%.

These three criteria are not fixed, however, and they can be adjusted according to the duration of your loan or the amount borrowed.

The objectives sought during a loan renegotiation

loan,fill up,credit

When you renegotiate your mortgage, you can choose to reduce the duration of your loan or decrease the monthly payment, or both.

According to our latest study, if you choose the option “lower duration”, know that you will get a financial gain of around 30% additional compared to a lower monthly payment.

Despite this, borrowers more often choose to lower their monthly payments. Since January 1, 2016, 46% of borrowers opt for the lower monthly payment. The reason? Lowering your monthly payment means freeing up purchasing power instantly to carry out new projects.

Do you have a mortgage? Do not hesitate to make a credit buy-back simulation, a mortgage loan buy-back simulation (more specifically real estate) or even a mortgage loan simulation for the whole of your project.



Bank offers loan for large families.


The bigger the family, the bigger the household expenses will be. In addition to the increasing expenditure for food and clothing, for example, children in particular also have an almost unlimited number of wishes. Many parents find it difficult to say no, after all, they also want to offer their children something in life. Additional expenses for vacation trips and larger purchases often strain the family’s budget. It is not uncommon for additional young people to run out of household space. Now only moving to a larger apartment or even a home helps. However, this move incurs additional costs. Many families can only meet this increased money requirement by taking out a loan.

In the case of the classic installment loan, income is decisive

In the case of the classic installment loan, income is decisive

If there is a general need for money, it is possible to apply for a classic loan for large families. Like any other borrower, the way to the bank is open here. The lender can be either your own bank or a direct bank from the Internet. Depending on the creditworthiness of the applicant, the lender decides individually for each request whether and on what terms he wants to grant the applicant.

In principle, the chances of a cheap loan for large families are no worse than for any other applicant. It primarily decides the income of the household over the chances of one. So if both parents have a full-time job, nothing stands in the way of a loan. If only one of the two parents has a regular income, the loan can still be granted if the income is sufficient to repay the loan amount. If necessary, only a smaller loan amount is approved here.

Additional collateral increases the chances of getting a cheap loan

Additional collateral increases the chances of getting a cheap loan

With two working parents with a reasonable income, the question of credit protection is usually not an issue. In this case, the entire household income is sufficient for the lender as security for the capital invested. It looks more difficult if one of the parents takes care of the household chores and the upbringing of the children all day. If the parent with an employment relationship does not have an above-average income, it can be difficult to get a large loan. The lender often makes his pledge for a loan for large families dependent on additional collateral.

This includes, for example, the obligation to take out residual debt insurance. In the event of insolvency through no fault of your own, the borrower assumes the payment obligations until the borrower can service the installments himself. It is not uncommon for large families to have their own home. In addition to insurance and other property, this can also serve as security for a loan.

If the borrower does not have any material assets to secure his loan, he can improve his chances of getting a loan through solvent guarantors with a good credit rating. These are only liable for the borrower’s payment obligations when it is no longer possible to settle the outstanding claims. In this way, the lender is better protected against a loss of his invested capital and is more likely to agree to a loan for large families.

Loan with completed negative credit bureau.


There is no legal claim to credit. Nevertheless, it is not a game of chance or chance to apply for and receive a loan with a negative Credit Bureau done. With the payment of the registered debt, however, it was only the beginning of new trust.

We want you to get your desired loan with Credit Bureau done and not rush from one broker to the next. Please refer to the information given. – Then dubious providers have no chance, nor is the loan approval dependent on luck.

Loan with finished negative Credit Bureau – create trust

Loan with finished negative Credit Bureau - create trust

Regardless of any changes due to modern technology, modern credit is nothing else than it was 1,000 years ago. “Creditum”, the linguistic origin of the word credit means “good faith”. Trust has always been the basis of all lending. In the case of a loan with a negative Credit Bureau, the necessary trust is considered “playful”.

Who can be trusted is regulated today by laws, international agreements and the internal regulations of credit providers. Nobody has a right to a loan – a right to trust. Without a personal relationship with the borrower, trust in lending is derived from past contractual behavior and future forecasts.

Both together today collect a calculated number or a numerical value, the score. A loan with a completed negative Credit Bureau is not to be expected from regular credit institutions. At practically all credit institutions, the decision on the loan application is no longer made by the clerk at his discretion, but by the computer using a score. For this reason, it is important to contact a provider who does not just let the score decide.

Loan provider despite Credit Bureau – human decision-making competence

Loan provider despite Credit Bureau - human decision-making competence

Often there is talk of “risk loans” and “special providers” in connection with loans despite the negative Credit Bureau. In fact, banks that examine the individual case are not that different from regular credit institutions. In any case, banks are no longer allowed to take any noticeably high credit risks, at the latest since the Basel agreements and the USD crisis. The difference is that the clerk does not have to stick to the prognosis through the score or bad Credit Bureau excerpt.

Risk credit can be approved if the credit check clearly refutes automatically generated credit forecasts based on the documents submitted. Risks that have not been dealt with long ago, as the entry has been completed, assess the credit risk, but current values. It is customary, for example, that the bank statements are requested in an adequate amount for a loan with a completed negative Credit Bureau.

The examiner reads the excerpts like in a diary. He recognizes whether the financial situation is stable. When comparing the numbers with the payroll, he sees that there is no attachment of income. For example, he does not want to see payments to a collection agency or the chargeback due to insufficient funds. Both are clear proof that the ability to repay is threatened.

Otherwise, the same basic requirements apply as for every regular loan. An income subject to social security contributions above the garnishment limit is expected. The employment contract should be unlimited and at least 6 months outside the trial period. (Foreign credit without Credit Bureau 12 months). In addition, the household bill shows that sufficient income is available to pay in installments every month.

The small list above shows:

Serious hopes for a loan with a completed negative Credit Bureau should only be raised by people who would also be qualified for a regular loan of the same amount. Only the negative effect of the score and the Credit Bureau excerpt can be weakened by the human decision-making competence in the individual case examination.

Credit advertising that promises more than just a fair credit check according to the minimum standards mentioned above should be viewed critically. For procedural reasons, a legally binding loan decision or even payment in 48 hours is excluded.

Interested parties can only hope for an exception to the above-mentioned requirements with microcredit despite having completed negative credit. Microcredit is the smallest loan, credit volume 100-1,000 USD with a short term. (90 days maximum). Small loan amounts and short terms put the risk into perspective and allow the uncomplicated decision to be made even under difficult circumstances.

Loan offers with completed negative Credit Bureau – scope for decision

Loan offers with completed negative Credit Bureau - scope for decision

Whether or not a loan can be approved despite Credit Bureau depends on the scope of action of the actual credit decision maker. – Not wishful thinking or an intermediary. The intermediary’s preliminary loan approval is at most an indication, but in no case a reliable parameter. Only a handful of banks ever grant the loan with a negative Credit Bureau done.

Agent hopping is of no use if the starting situation remains unchanged, because all reputable agents in principle ask the same lender. According to the current legal situation, private donors have the greatest freedom of decision. He decides on his own money. Private investors were not legally bound to the credit decision because they are not considered “systemically important”.

We recommend to apply for the loan with completed negative Credit Bureau from private via Good Finance or Best Lender. Both portals lead the market and unite a large number of interested investors. Both portals offer individual advantages. On Best Lender, the loan application is possible under more moderate conditions. Good Finance offers the opportunity to apply for a loan with a completed negative Credit Bureau from private and interested banks.