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Cheap Jerseys China

Schuylkill Valley Sports offers insurance for NFL jerseys

How many times has this happened to you? You pick up an NFL jersey for your favorite player, then that player gets traded or cut from the roster leaving you stuck with a jersey you may no longer want.

Schuylkill Valley Sports, which has stores in Audubon, Oaks, the Plymouth Meeting Mall and Coventry Mall in North Coventry, has launched a new NFL jersey insurance program, which is designed to help customers feel more secure before purchasing their next favorite player jersey.

For $10, customers can purchase jersey insurance when they purchase a new NFL jersey. If that player is traded or cut from their team, the insurance allows the customer to purchase a new jersey at 50 percent off the regular price.

Schuylkill Valley Sports launched the program April 29, and according to Phil Baumgardner, marketing director and buyer for Schuylkill Valley Sports, there has been lots of conversation about it with some already taking advantage of it.

lot of people are saying it about time there is a program like this, he said. way the sports world has gone it different now and with all the turnover on a year to year basis we were hearing at the store level that people were frustrated.

are moving more even Hall of Famers are moving. There has always been free agency and trade but it seems to be more prevalent lately. The Eagles traded players people thought would never be traded, he added.

And the jerseys are definitely an investment, according to Baumgardner, with prices varying,cheap jerseys china depending on the size of the jersey. Schuylkill Valley Sports carries infant sizes up through adult.

the youngest prices start at $40 and go through $100 for a regular adult replica jersey and range up to several hundred dollars for authentic jerseys, depending on the player, Baumgardner added.

The Jersey insurance is valid for 18 months after the original purchase date. The customer must show the original receipt, but can keep the old jersey. Baumgardner added that the insurance can be used on in stock jerseys only (no special orders) and excludes jerseys for injured and retired players.

Baumgardner added that the insurance program is limited right now just to NFL players.

starting here and seeing what the reaction is before going to the next level, he said.

Baumgardner said there have been trade back opportunities offered by teams following situations where specific players have fallen out of favor with fans, but he not aware of a program similar to Schuylkill Valley Sports program.