Bank offers loan for large families.


The bigger the family, the bigger the household expenses will be. In addition to the increasing expenditure for food and clothing, for example, children in particular also have an almost unlimited number of wishes. Many parents find it difficult to say no, after all, they also want to offer their children something in life. Additional expenses for vacation trips and larger purchases often strain the family’s budget. It is not uncommon for additional young people to run out of household space. Now only moving to a larger apartment or even a home helps. However, this move incurs additional costs. Many families can only meet this increased money requirement by taking out a loan.

In the case of the classic installment loan, income is decisive

In the case of the classic installment loan, income is decisive

If there is a general need for money, it is possible to apply for a classic loan for large families. Like any other borrower, the way to the bank is open here. The lender can be either your own bank or a direct bank from the Internet. Depending on the creditworthiness of the applicant, the lender decides individually for each request whether and on what terms he wants to grant the applicant.

In principle, the chances of a cheap loan for large families are no worse than for any other applicant. It primarily decides the income of the household over the chances of one. So if both parents have a full-time job, nothing stands in the way of a loan. If only one of the two parents has a regular income, the loan can still be granted if the income is sufficient to repay the loan amount. If necessary, only a smaller loan amount is approved here.

Additional collateral increases the chances of getting a cheap loan

Additional collateral increases the chances of getting a cheap loan

With two working parents with a reasonable income, the question of credit protection is usually not an issue. In this case, the entire household income is sufficient for the lender as security for the capital invested. It looks more difficult if one of the parents takes care of the household chores and the upbringing of the children all day. If the parent with an employment relationship does not have an above-average income, it can be difficult to get a large loan. The lender often makes his pledge for a loan for large families dependent on additional collateral.

This includes, for example, the obligation to take out residual debt insurance. In the event of insolvency through no fault of your own, the borrower assumes the payment obligations until the borrower can service the installments himself. It is not uncommon for large families to have their own home. In addition to insurance and other property, this can also serve as security for a loan.

If the borrower does not have any material assets to secure his loan, he can improve his chances of getting a loan through solvent guarantors with a good credit rating. These are only liable for the borrower’s payment obligations when it is no longer possible to settle the outstanding claims. In this way, the lender is better protected against a loss of his invested capital and is more likely to agree to a loan for large families.

Loan with completed negative credit bureau.


There is no legal claim to credit. Nevertheless, it is not a game of chance or chance to apply for and receive a loan with a negative Credit Bureau done. With the payment of the registered debt, however, it was only the beginning of new trust.

We want you to get your desired loan with Credit Bureau done and not rush from one broker to the next. Please refer to the information given. – Then dubious providers have no chance, nor is the loan approval dependent on luck.

Loan with finished negative Credit Bureau – create trust

Loan with finished negative Credit Bureau - create trust

Regardless of any changes due to modern technology, modern credit is nothing else than it was 1,000 years ago. “Creditum”, the linguistic origin of the word credit means “good faith”. Trust has always been the basis of all lending. In the case of a loan with a negative Credit Bureau, the necessary trust is considered “playful”.

Who can be trusted is regulated today by laws, international agreements and the internal regulations of credit providers. Nobody has a right to a loan – a right to trust. Without a personal relationship with the borrower, trust in lending is derived from past contractual behavior and future forecasts.

Both together today collect a calculated number or a numerical value, the score. A loan with a completed negative Credit Bureau is not to be expected from regular credit institutions. At practically all credit institutions, the decision on the loan application is no longer made by the clerk at his discretion, but by the computer using a score. For this reason, it is important to contact a provider who does not just let the score decide.

Loan provider despite Credit Bureau – human decision-making competence

Loan provider despite Credit Bureau - human decision-making competence

Often there is talk of “risk loans” and “special providers” in connection with loans despite the negative Credit Bureau. In fact, banks that examine the individual case are not that different from regular credit institutions. In any case, banks are no longer allowed to take any noticeably high credit risks, at the latest since the Basel agreements and the USD crisis. The difference is that the clerk does not have to stick to the prognosis through the score or bad Credit Bureau excerpt.

Risk credit can be approved if the credit check clearly refutes automatically generated credit forecasts based on the documents submitted. Risks that have not been dealt with long ago, as the entry has been completed, assess the credit risk, but current values. It is customary, for example, that the bank statements are requested in an adequate amount for a loan with a completed negative Credit Bureau.

The examiner reads the excerpts like in a diary. He recognizes whether the financial situation is stable. When comparing the numbers with the payroll, he sees that there is no attachment of income. For example, he does not want to see payments to a collection agency or the chargeback due to insufficient funds. Both are clear proof that the ability to repay is threatened.

Otherwise, the same basic requirements apply as for every regular loan. An income subject to social security contributions above the garnishment limit is expected. The employment contract should be unlimited and at least 6 months outside the trial period. (Foreign credit without Credit Bureau 12 months). In addition, the household bill shows that sufficient income is available to pay in installments every month.

The small list above shows:

Serious hopes for a loan with a completed negative Credit Bureau should only be raised by people who would also be qualified for a regular loan of the same amount. Only the negative effect of the score and the Credit Bureau excerpt can be weakened by the human decision-making competence in the individual case examination.

Credit advertising that promises more than just a fair credit check according to the minimum standards mentioned above should be viewed critically. For procedural reasons, a legally binding loan decision or even payment in 48 hours is excluded.

Interested parties can only hope for an exception to the above-mentioned requirements with microcredit despite having completed negative credit. Microcredit is the smallest loan, credit volume 100-1,000 USD with a short term. (90 days maximum). Small loan amounts and short terms put the risk into perspective and allow the uncomplicated decision to be made even under difficult circumstances.

Loan offers with completed negative Credit Bureau – scope for decision

Loan offers with completed negative Credit Bureau - scope for decision

Whether or not a loan can be approved despite Credit Bureau depends on the scope of action of the actual credit decision maker. – Not wishful thinking or an intermediary. The intermediary’s preliminary loan approval is at most an indication, but in no case a reliable parameter. Only a handful of banks ever grant the loan with a negative Credit Bureau done.

Agent hopping is of no use if the starting situation remains unchanged, because all reputable agents in principle ask the same lender. According to the current legal situation, private donors have the greatest freedom of decision. He decides on his own money. Private investors were not legally bound to the credit decision because they are not considered “systemically important”.

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